Builders: Are you ready to boost sales and drive more marketshare?


Unlock Sales with Premier Mortgage Resources' Builder Lock & Sell

At Premier Mortgage Resources, we understand the challenges developers face in the current economic climate. Our Builder Lock and Sell program allows you to offer higher concessions and lower rates than your competitors. 

The Challenge

Sitting inventory, high inflation and high rates are making today's market tough for builders, and buyers are looking at high costs in order to get into the perfect new home.

Our Solution – Builder Lock & Sell

PMR's Builder Lock & Sell program specializes in forward rate locks, a strategic approach to securing rates for our clients. This program enables you to market a fixed rate to attract more buyers and edge out your competition. You can also contribute more in seller concessions than typically allowed on an FHA loan.

Our Solution – Forward Rate Locks

Premier Lock & Close specializes in forward rate locks with swaps, a strategic approach to securing rates for our clients. Unlike many banks, we offer forward rate locks tailored for construction projects, allowing developers to lock in a forward rate for permanent financing at the time of closing on their construction loan.

Why Premier Mortgage Resources?

Premier Mortgage Resources was founded on a passion to help all Americans achieve the dream of homeownership. This program not only allows builders to sell more homes and increase profits but also helps achieve the dream of homeownership for so many. We strive to offer every borrower great customer service, fantastic mortgage programs and onsite loan officer support for builders when customers have questions.


Take control of your construction projects with our Builder Lock & Sell program. Contact us today to explore the power of forward rate locks and secure the financial stability your projects deserve.