The Energy Valuation Program

By integrating energy-efficient features, purchasers can significantly reduce their monthly expenses while enhancing their overall comfort and lifestyle quality. Through our Premier Energy Valuation Program, we provide added savings and advantages to prospective homebuyers. Consider using a Permanent Buydown to boost affordability!

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Temporary 2/1 Buydown

30-Year Fixed Conventional Loan
Loan Amount: $500,000 | APR: 7.15%

Permanent Buydown

30-Year Fixed Conventional Loan Loan Amount: $515,000 | APR: 5.85%

The Temporary buydown provides "temp❞ relief for 2-3 years compared to the permanent buydown.

Comparing the Temp to a Permanent buydown, the consumer paying a 7% rate (or the temporary rate) needs to make $90,200 annually, compared to a permanent buydown having to make $77,800 annually.

Thus, allowing someone making $12K less per year to qualify! Or, $50,000 MORE purchasing power. That's a big deal regarding affordability!

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*Loan Scenarios above are based on a 30-Year Fixed Rate, Conventional loan with a down payment of 5%. Monthly payments do not include property taxes, insurance or HOA dues, the actual payment obligation will be greater. Assumes a 620+ credit score. Interest Rates and APRs are as
of 3/25/2024 and may change based on current market conditions