Brian Wardle

Job Title: Loan Officer

NMLS: 1588185

Direct Line: 208-890-8682


State Licensing Information: ID, MLO-2081588185

I was born and raised in Boise primarily as well as attended BSU. Work moved me to many states which was a great experience, however the desire and opportunity to move back in 2000 was overwhelming. Growing up I played football and wrestled extensively along with my identical twin and 2 older brothers. I competed in the Mr. Idaho bodybuilding in 92′ 93′ and placed 3rd and 4th. Albertsons was my “first real job” in which I worked my way into upper management. My passion for wine and people was the catalyst for my career move to the wine Industry where I spent the next 13 years becoming somewhat of a wine guru to my friends & colleagues. Choosing the right wine for the occasion or meal is an actual science, however it’s more about simple education and drinking what you like. I love playing golf and traveling so I moved into the mortgage industry to continue my passion to help people choose the right product to fit their needs and desires as well as work with top industry professionals who have similar passions for business, pleasure and life.

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3 Reviews

  1. Carrianne Recla

    Greatest experience working with Brian Wardle this week. While other mortgage companies did not take the time needed to work with our client, Brian did and made it happen. Brian took the time to research what it would take to get our client qualified and persisted until he came up with answers. Not only did he get our client qualified, he was able to find a loan program that saved thousands of dollars in a down payment. Brian is excellent and he will do the work others won't!!

  2. Cameron S

    Brian is extremely thorough and detailed. He went above and beyond to help me clean up my credit and in 4 months he was able to get my loan approved and closed in 30 days !!! Brian's knowledge of the industry is top notch and I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't appreciate working with him. He's definitely scores 5 stars in my book.

  3. James K

    I had the honor of meeting Brian when applying to refinance my home. He was extremely helpful and he went above and beyond throughout my process to follow up with me, even after business hours. His character is unmatched and his welcoming personality made me feel at ease. Brian explained the process to me in a highly professional, knowledgeable and responsive manner while still looking out for my best interest. I would highly recommend him to every person I know!

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