5 ways to prepare for spring buying season

Prime homebuying season (spring) will soon be in full swing.

As home buyers and sellers prepare for a successful experience, there are several actions you can do today to maximize your efforts.

If you’ve decided on selling your home this year, here are a few ways to get ahead of the game and ready for spring.

Choose a real estate agent

Before finding a real estate agent, you must do some research to find a good fit.

The professional you decide to work with will be responsible for listing your home, researching the market, negotiating and leading so many other crucial functions. You will also spend a lot of time communicating with your agent.

When you finally choose your real estate agent, make sure you feel comfortable with the experience he or she brings to the table and that you’re on the same page when it comes to communicating.

Toss out unwanted items

Old items around the house such as knickknacks, tattered furniture, old papers, and other similar items can take a long time to filter through, but it is important to clean up.

Getting some advice on tidying up will help you efficiently handle this necessary step so you can focus on other aspects that can help you sell your home.

Pack and store

Now that you have a plan for tidying up, you’ll have to pack and store some items with the usual stress of moving.

With a strategy of getting rid of old items, packing, and storing, you and your family may have a much smoother transition between closing the deal and moving into a new home.

Use a combo of a storage facility and other space within your home to make the most of your moving and storing resources.

Make improvements

Now is the time to fast track the small home repairs that you’ve put on hold.

Start by asking a trusted friend or your real estate agent for a referral to a handyman. Then make a list of the most important projects you want to have addressed.

Repairing a noisy faucet, replacing dry rot, or adding a splash of new paint will make an impression during your open house.

Plan ahead

Homeowners getting ready to sell their home may focus on everything that leads to an offer. Yet, it’s also important to think about the transition period after you sign on the dotted line and transfer ownership to another party.

In today’s market, homes can be snapped off the market in a jiffy. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead, research the market, look at candidate neighborhoods for your next home, and crunch numbers to ensure smooth sailing following the home sale.

You will also want to get pre-approved for a loan on the home you plan to move into after you sell your current house.

If you need assistance with a home loan, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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