Employee Reviews

PMR is the best mortgage company I have worked for in my 20 yrs experience, from the knowledge and availability of operations, to fellow experienced helpful LO's. An advertising and marketing department that is constantly helping us with our business and business partners, and the management that supports and encourages us to be our best. With all of this available I can't imagine working anywhere else.

Loan Officer, Boise

In my 16 years of processing I have never worked for a better company or with better group of people. From management down, these people are the most knowledgeable, helpful, confident, and friendly group I have been around. It's refreshing to come to work every day knowing that it's going to be a positive experience and you will be going home in a good mood. That's not to say we don't have bad days or struggles, but having this team around me sure makes those days more manageable.

Loan Processor, Spokane Valley

The reason that I like working for PMR is the family environment. When I first started working with PMR, I was a little nervous due to not know what to expect but right from the beginning, the people made me feel like part of the family. I enjoy coming to work in the morning and doing the job that is expected of me because of the people.

Loan Processor, Boise

Has a GREAT reputation; it's only getting better as we're growing across the US. I along with my co-workers am so very lucky and proud to be a part of this fantastic reputation. This Industry is always changing and growing everyday; being able to be a part of the Mortgage lending niche is so exciting. As part of the Operations team, our culture supports learning, development on the job training and rewards hard work! Communication, Dedication, Team work and gratitude is a must to have in any Company and this Company has it all and more. PMR surpasses its competition in this ever growing fast paced Lending Industry and shortly the rest of the US will be able to see us rise to the top. I'm truly blessed to be a part of our PMR family!

Processing Manager, Boise

The Best part of PMR is the management and operations staff who lead by example and create a positive team environment. It’s obvious they care about and appreciate their employees.

Closing, Boise

The people make this a uniquely special place to work, by far! I've worked here just over 6 months now, but I knew from my very first meeting/interview with Cory Swain and Erin Davison, that brilliance, kindness, warmth and professional respect resonates throughout the offices of Premier Mortgage Resources. I have the utmost respect for our leaders, colleagues and clients…..it's a blessing to work among each and every individual here! 🙂

Underwriter, Boise

I love the people at PMR, they very helpful and focused on closing loans. Easy access to management and underwriting. Fasttrac.

Branch Manager, Lee's Summit

I love working at PMR because it is like being with family everday. Everyone there is available 24/7 and have been there for me to answer every queation and assist me with all my software questions. We bave an awesome underwriting department and all the support staff makes all of us look like heros! There is no other place I would want to be. Mandi and Cory are the best!!

Loan Officer, Boise

I have been a loan officer for 31 years. I am fortunate to be a consistent enough producer that I can work at any company I choose. I am consistently recruited, and have standing offers at other well known mortgage companies. But I work at Premier Mortgage Resources. I have a number of reasons. The operations department is top notch. This includes underwriting, docs, funding, etc. The management structure is flat, and easily accessible. A senior partner, and answer is a phone call away. Marketing is a priority, and the help and assistance is there. The important key words for this company are proactive, strategic, progressive, efficient, competitive, niche, and driven. I have no reason to work anywhere else, and believe me, companies are calling and asking… You are welcome to contact me if you would like to have a discussion about your career options with this company. I can assure you won't be sorry to make a move here, and at this company the grass is green, and stays green.

Branch Manager, Boise

PMR has the hometown helpful feel but the power to compete with the largest lenders in the industry. Lending now for over 17 years I have been affiliated with many lenders on multiple levels and never have I once worked for and with a company that has the process, people, system and goals as PMR. Truly a game changer that experienced partners and clients notice the difference.

Branch Manager, Coeur d'Alene

In my opinion there is no better management (solution) team than Cory, Mandi and Erin. The foundation that they have laid, together with everyone on our PMR team, creates an environment where there really is no limit to what can be achieved.

Loan Officer, Boise

he PMR family truly cares about each other and our clients. The entire PMR Team goes way beyond what other lenders are willing to do to help our clients. There clearly is a major difference in the way PMR works compared to other lenders. PMR has a support level 2nd to none. I love PMR!

Branch Manager, Walla Walla

PMR is the best place to work because of the CAN-DO atmosphere. It is a large family and a huge support system. There is always someone available to help you with any aspect of origination, marketing, education or just a friendly voice on the other end of the phone letting you know that you are an important part of the company.

Branch Manager, Redding

PMR is like a little family. I've only been here a short time but I feel the loyalty. I'm glad I've been welcomed to the team.

Loan Processor, Boise

I LOVE PMR because we truly are a family. We really do work as a team and everyone is always so willing to help lift each other, no strings attached. That is what I love most. I also love how open PMR is to advancement and growth. Everyone should have the opportunity to continue improving themselves and PMR is very aware and in touch with that. Your job title isn't who you are here. There are honest, kind words of praise and uplifting encouragement that is spread throughout and positive motivation driving everyone to want to do better. I LOVE PMR!

Loan Processor, Boise

I love PMR! I have been in the mortgage business for 12 years and I have never felt this kind of support. If I have questions… I get answers. If I need marketing materials created, new business cards, or tech help…someone is always there to assist me with anything I need to help grow my business. I couldn't be happier to be a part of this family.

Loan Officer, Boise

I am so incredibly thankful to be working at PMR and on Team Mandi. I moved from Texas in July of 2015 and started here at PMR in October of 2015 and it has been one of the greatest things i have ever been able to do! I have learned so much and met so many great people and i thank PMR for giving me an opportunity to work at this amazing company! I so look forward to everything that is going to come in 2017! 🙂

Mortgage Assistant, Boise

PMR is like a family! We work hard to make everyone successful. I can't think of any other employer that does what they do for their employees, personally and professionally. It's encouraging.

Loan Processor, Boise

PMR has the most hard-working, committed operations staff and underwriters available in the mortgage industry! After working for PMR I could never work anywhere else! It took me 20+ years in the industry to find them but I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing company!

Branch Manager, Twin Falls

I decided to get re-licensed and started to look for a job as a Loan Officer in February 2013, so the first man I called was an old boss and friend Cory Swain. He was so open to the idea of growing and expanding that I knew I wanted to go back to work for him after our first conversation. I’m so happy today after being this wonderful group of people that I made the best decision of my life. I have been in this industry for over 20 years and PMR is by far “a step above the rest” when it comes to Mortgage Company’s. They offer quality products, an awesome support staff and you can’t beat the underwriting team!! I wouldn’t work anywhere else! We are a family here and watch out for each other and in my opinion you couldn’t work for a nicer man then Cory Swain, he is truly a man of his word! The best thing about PMR is they are always looking out for the Loan Officer, they truly understand that our hard work, referrals and relationship we develop is important and the future of this company. They are always pushing us to be better, even great! Mortgage Banker Amy DeBoard NMLS # 16641

Loan Officer, Boise

Premier Mortgage Resources is just the place to be. Small enough to care about each individual but the power and flexibility of the large companies. The process for submitting files and underwriting is unbeatable – borrowers are approved in most cases before they even find a home! This helps to eliminate any ugly surprises at the end of the transaction! Being direct with our investors and having no overlay's puts us one more step ahead of the rest – and we still have the ability to broker if needed!

Loan Originator, Boise

PMR is like a family to me. Everyone is supportive and willing to take their time to help. I see operations people staying late to make sure the work gets done with a grateful attitude. They are team players and moreover they do it with a thankful attitude. I have only been working here for 4 months and it has been empowering to me.

Loan Originator, Boise

Where do i start…. I guess it is fitting to start at the top. Leadership: Cory and Mandi – I tip my hat to you! Thank you for not only being what a leader "should be", but for being what a leader doesn't have to be. You CARE.. and it SHOWS. You teach, guide, and are always there for us! Next: Operations: We truly owe our livelihood to you! Each and everyone of you have our backs… and we FEEL it! You go ABOVE and BEYOND each and every day for ALL of us LO's at PMR. Thank you! It is because of EVERYONE and the PROCESSES that have been put into place for loan production from our operations, that I will be a PMRer 🙂 as long as I am in this industry. Tech and HR: Last but not least in my testimonial…. You are the ones that are always there paying attention to the little but HUGE details that keep this company flowing. You keep our systems up and our marketing cutting edge! TRULY thank you to all of you, including my own staff, that makes up PMR!

Branch Manager, Twin Falls

My input, only company I have been with that does loans right. The fast track system makes sense. In 10 years finally a company that knows truly knows and resolved the number one concern, "can an UW look at before offer" and the answer is Yes. Thank you, big deal!!!!

Mortgage Lender, Boise

I love that PMR is not just a great place to work but it's a big happy family! When you enjoy coming to work every day it's because the people that surround your work life all are one big team to help get the job done! PMR is not just my place of work but my 2nd family….

Mortgage Banker, Boise

I love PMR because of the people. Everyone is willing to work as a Team and help each other out. There is always someone willing to help you with a question or help you solve a problem no matter what time of day it is.

Loan Processor, Boise

I love PMR because at PMR we are not just a place to work, we are a team, a family!!! We are also the best place to mortgage because we make sure we take care of our clients, we hold each other accountable for exceptional customer service.

Loan Processor, Twin Falls

I have been given an amazing opportunity to be part of this company a year ago. I came into this knowing nothing about the mortgage lending business, and entered into nothing but open doors and opportunities to learn more and more about this business, with an attitude given that they want me to learn and progress almost as much as I do. That is very hard to come by, and appreciated beyond words. Questions are always answered, and help and encouragement is always given, even without asking. I've seen a teamwork in PMR that is beyond comparison. Other offices in other states will come together to make a 75K loan come together, along with a 800K loan with the same emphasis. It is all about putting clients in homes as quickly, personally, and efficiently as possible and the PMR makes that happen. Thank you. Please let me know if I can offer more to this testimonial, as I could go on and on.

Loan Processor, Walla Walla

I came to the PMR family from a local Credit Union where I was a Teller Operations Supervisor and I never plan on going back to that "world". I am beyond proud to work for PMR and blessed to be a part of an excellent Team. One of the reasons why I feel PMR is so great is the Staff here! Every Staff Member from an LOA or Fasttrac Level all the way to the Company Heads are phenomenal people to communicate with and are extremely intelligent. I have never worked for a company where I could pick up the phone or send an email and instantly have a response on all levels. The Staff here is dedicated to the job and dedicated to our clients. Another reason why I will always choose to be here over anywhere else is the fact that our Clients are of the most importance to our company! We don't just treat them like another number or another loan. The PMR Family recognizes the importance of good quality relationships with our clients and tries every available avenue to go above and beyond for our borrowers. I am proud and confident in what I do because I get the satisfaction of developing relationships with and seeing our borrowers happy and financially healthy in their new homes. Lastly, I feel that PMR is the Best Place to Be simply because I get to do all of the above while knowing that I can continue to learn and grow in the company and that I can provide care to my family and myself without the pressure of wondering about job stability. I know that this company is a very strong force in this industry and I know it will continue to not only "reach the bar but set it higher". ` Thanks 🙂

Loan Officer, Spokane Valley

My favorite thing about Premier Mortgage Resources is how easy it is to have questions answered. There is an unlimited amount of education and knowledge that this company provides making it fast and easy to get customers approved who might not have the oppurtunity with a diffrent lender. I also would like to brag about how amazing the whole Jaro team is! They truly care about everyone on the team making it easy for me to strive to do my best!

Loan Assistant, Twin Falls

I feel I have been blessed to be a part of this family for I think about 11 years now, and I am still amazed at how far we've come, and how fast we got here. For me timing is everything. I always know that if I work hard and submit a ( SOLID ) loan package, without skipping a step or missing any information, I can close that loan faster than any competitor thought they could. That builds confidence in our team everyday. Thanks, Willis

Loan Officer, Boise

During my career in Mortgage Lending I have worked for large companies, banks and small companies. i have never worked at a company with as much heart and compassion as Premier Mortgage Resources. They always take care of the clients and the employees! I wake up every day grateful for this group of people. They make me a better Mortgage Banker! Thank you Premier Mortgage Resources!!!!

Mortgage Banker, Kona

Before working with the group of people at PMR my daily work environment was not so fun. I would go to work and have an “okay” day, nothing special, nothing fun just work. I can’t remember a time that I would go to work and enjoy my day not just live through it. Today I when I come into the office I’m excited about the day, anxious to learn where the day will take me and happy that I’m here. It wouldn’t be this way though without the people who work here. My co-workers at PMR make it what it is – a family. We all work hard at what we do. Knowing that your neighbor is working hard toward the same goal, gives me a since of teamwork like no other place I’ve worked. Sure we all have “one of THOSE” days sometimes but they are right there to lift me back up and I to them as well. Having a job that you enjoy means you get to pass this happiness along to the customer. After all how you feel and act is what you pass along to others… this is what makes PMR great, the happiness we all have share gets shared with our customers.

Closing/Funding, Boise