Do's And Don'ts

Prepare before you apply

Our commitment to excellent service and a smooth loan closing comes with some important things you need to know,
which is why we've created an easy-to-follow guide with some do's and don'ts to ensure you get into your dream home as
quickly as possible! Check it out below to learn more.


"Freeze frame" your finances! This means to keep making your normal payments, keep credit current, pay your bills normally.

Keep things the same! Not just your finances, but keep working with your current employer, stay at your current home, keep the same insurance.

Talk to your Loan Officer if you are considering any decisions that will impact your financial picture, no matter how small What may seem like a minor decision, could have big implications on the process of your mortgage and could cause delays!


No changes to your finances. Don't open new accounts, pay off accounts, change jobs, or move! You want to keep things steady. If something changes that are outside of your control, let your Loan Officer know right away!

With the idea of owning a new home, you may want to check out big furniture stores to buy a new, expensive couch… Don't do it! This can cause delays. Don't finance big items, like furniture, cars, or even home improvement projects.

Need medical attention? Go to the doctor, but do not finance any elective procedures, like braces, tummy tuck, or nose jobs.
Make sure you're paying all of your bills regularly and on time. One 30-day late payment on a credit card can cost up to 110 points on your credit score!