Holiday Gift Guide for the Homeowner Who Has Everything

Do you have a new homeowner on your holiday shopping list? It can be a challenge to find the perfect gift. That's why we've done some of the work for you. Take a look to find our top holiday gift ideas for homeowners–or anyone on your list!

Lucky You Bottle Opener ($9): If they’ve just landed their dream home, they might have all the luck they need, but then again, there’s no such thing as too much good luck.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven ($360): A Dutch oven is basically just a large cast iron pot covered in enamel, but it is virtually indestructible and its uses are endless. If there’s a foodist in your life who doesn’t have a Le Creuset, this is definitely one of those magical gifts they will remember (and use!) forever.

NEST Birchwood Pine Scented Candle ($40): Everyone deserves a luxe home item to help him or her kick back and relax after a long day at the office. This candle literally smells like Christmas!

Bohm B66 Bluetooth Headphones ($64): Escape the everyday with your favorite tunes and audiobooks anytime, anywhere. Make this easy lifestyle upgrade to enjoy the latest word in Bluetooth headphone technology and functionality.

Brass Geo Terrarium ($20): You can’t go wrong with a terrarium, a décor trend that has seen a big rise in popularity over the past couple of years, mostly because the glass garden containers are both low-maintenance and stylish. We recommend air plants, succulents, or cacti.

Kennebunk Home ‘Bliss Zurich’ Throw ($39): The easiest way to add a luxe touch to a bedroom or living room is by keeping a plush blanket on hand. This one is a warm and super-soft throw ideal for flinging over the sofa—or an unexpected overnight guest.

Charley Harper Original Birds Glasses ($37): Offer these to your nature-loving friends. Designer Todd Oldham took the illustrations of Charley Harper, an American Modernist artist who is known for his wildlife drawings, and turned them into a charming set of glassware.

Wooden Serving Bowl ($50): A lot of stuff gets tossed during a big move, like plasticware from the kitchen. That’s where you come in, replacing those old, stained bowls with gorgeous natural dark wood for a charming, rustic look.

Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee & Espresso Maker ($149): Meet the first-ever Nespresso machine to brew both true American coffee and authentic Italian espresso. A total game changer in the coffee world, the machine scans the capsule's bar code, then automatically custom-brews the ultimate cup of coffee or espresso.

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