Home renovation and remodeling trends for 2023

A home renovation or remodel can obviously transform the feel and look of any area inside your home to your style preference. Home projects make statements, and can also boost the home’s value in many cases.

If you’re thinking about reinventing and updating your home’s living area, guest room, bathroom or kitchen, here are some renovation and remodeling project trends that are likely to be all the talk in 2023.

Wallpaper comeback

If you ever purchased a previously owned home, chances are your first order of business was to strip walls of wallpaper. Many homeowners will be doing the opposite in 2023. Paint treatments will take a backseat to bold and beautiful wallpaper, which can look good on any wall in any room of the house. Wallpaper is an expressive form of remaking your living space as they will reflect your style, personality and risk taking.

Built-in storage space

Do things feel a little tight when you’re in your kitchen or office? Then adding more storage space may be the project for you. Even for folks who lean toward minimalist design, 2023 will likely see an increase of built-in storage space. This option will keep you well organized and also pulled together as the storage will disappear or appear fully integrated as a built-in feature.

Cubbies, pull-out shelves, bathroom storage and stylish open shelving inside select rooms will keep you more organized than ever and add a touch of sophistication.

Multi-purpose room

With more time spent at home, the multi-purpose and multifunctional room is a likely trend in 2023. Families want spaces that are conducive to everything they do, from work, play and study without feeling cramped. That’s why offices that double as schooling workspaces and kitchens that can quickly convert into work zones may be high on the remodeling and renovation list in 2023.

These multifunctional rooms will allow for down time, too. This is where décor and furniture updates will come into play. Ideas for dual-use spaces include couches in offices, extra seating and workspace in the kitchen and other switchable amenities.

Updated kitchen island

The kitchen island is a special zone where people gather as food is being prepared and served. Ample counter space isn’t sufficient for today’s household. In 2023, kitchen island makeovers will include space-saving measures, such as placing a dishwasher and trash pullout in the island. This frees up a lot of other space around the kitchen for other purposes. Expanding seating areas may also be added as families look for more space for people to congregate.

Larger windows

Natural light inside a room can be heavenly. In 2023, window projects will focus on getting bigger and spanning from the floor to ceiling. This will allow an abundance of natural light to illuminate living space inside your home. Large banks of windows are a dramatic way to add a focal point to any room and give the room the appearance of being much larger than it really is.

With added seating and storage space, the well-lit area is sure to become one of the most used spaces inside the house in 2023.

And if you are looking to make a move in 2023, don’t hesitate to contact us about home loan options!

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