Keys to successfully purchasing home during winter season

In today’s market, nothing can hold you back from pursuing your dream of homeownership, not even the bitter cold of winter.

While winter isn’t the traditional home-selling season, there are still some things buyers should keep in mind as they kickstart their real estate search.

Here are four hot tips for aspiring homebuyers to use during winter’s homebuying hunt.

Get preapproved

Above all else, work with a reputable lending team to get preapproved for a mortgage loan.

While the winter buying season is traditionally slower, there’s still plenty competition among homebuyers. Getting a preapproval is a leg up. Here’s how.

With a reapproval, applicants are informed how much home they can afford. More importantly, homebuyers can hold their heads up high because they have the word and commitment of a lender who will help them see their goals through.

Equipped with a lending partner, homebuyers can make a strong offer and signal to the seller that they mean business.

Don’t overlook an inspection

Pay close attention to the home inspection report and make extra efforts to verify maintenance records.

A good home inspector can evaluate past performance of household equipment, such as the heating, air conditioner and sprinkling system. Furthermore, they can give you a good idea on how things will hold up.

That’s why it’s important to not overlook the home inspection report and exercise due diligence when inquiring about how the home’s equipment is holding up.

Ask for photos

It’s OK to ask for photos of the home during the summer season.

It can be hard to picture the home’s full aesthetic potential when it’s cold outside. So ask to see what the home looks like during the warmer months and check out the roof, deck, landscaping and other home features. This will be your best opportunity to see the home when it’s looking its very best.

Go with flow

There’s a greater chance for disruption this time of year.

Weather and holidays could have an impact on open houses or cause delays in communications during the home-buying process.

Keep all that in mind and try to stay flexible with the sellers. You can accommodate their schedule and needs throughout the process. This goodwill will not go ignored.

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