Why you should use a real estate agent to purchase a home

People love DIY projects. Who can blame them? It lets them save money and explore their creative side.

A do-it-yourself approach to homebuying, however, is not the next project you should take on.

While it’s possible to purchase a home without a licensed real estate agent, the decision to do so can be costly and waste time. Being underrepresented at the negotiation table, for instance, increases the likelihood of getting the shorter end of the stick.

Think about the mountain of paperwork you’ll have to figure out, including contracts, disclosures, counteroffers and inspection reports, just to name a few. Yes, you might be able to do the research to figure things out, but at what cost?

Read on to explore the advantages of working with a reputable and licensed real estate professional when buying a home.

They’re well connected

Real estate professionals live and breathe the market, with access to subscription-based sites like MLS that offer the lay of the real estate land in real time. This enables them to see listings before the public does. The listings come loaded with information about the home as well.

They are also well connected to other professionals in the industry. Their large network is a window into detailed market performance and into important data, including offers. This keeps you shoulder to shoulder with the competition.

They’re as efficient as they come

The market is fast moving and a true professional keeps up. With the fluctuation of interest rates and constant deposits of incoming listings, you’ll want a real estate agent who’s nimble and always in the know.

Agents will know what questions need to be asked, what to do first on the long list of tasks and what paperwork is needed at any given time.

Imagine learning the ropes of the home buying process in today’s environment. It’s an untenable situation that can cost you money and time, and most of all, cost you a chance of landing the home of your dreams.

They’re experts

Along with all their knowledge of the details, real estate agents also exhibit the necessary soft skills to get the job done. They will be able to speak the language of the real estate agent on the other side, connecting dots, negotiating and earning the confidence of the seller’s representation. A big piece of the puzzle is convincing the seller’s agent that you are the most qualified and capable homebuyer. In today’s competitive market, that’s a huge leg up.

Their experience, talent and timing will be invaluable to you. They spend endless hours studying the market and finding the right fit. They will advocate strongly on your behalf so you don’t have to settle for anything less than your dream home.

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